program of the project

TEVAL : T ransnational EVAL uation model for teaching practice competences

Date : from 01/02/2005 to 31/07/2007


Registration number of the project : 2004 PT/04/B/F/PP-159050

Pilote of the project

Instituto Politécnico de Beja/ Escola Superior de Educação de Beja (Portugal)

Associated partners

  • Univation Institut für Evaluation Dr. Beywl & Associates GmbH (Germany),
  • CIEP- Centre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques (France)
  • CR2i - Centre de Ressources et d'Initiatives pour l'International (France)
  • ENTENTE UK (United Kingdom),
  • Tallinna Pedagoogika ülikooli Haridusuuringute Instituut (Estonia),
  • Western Greece Development Centre(Greece)

Context and issues of the project

The common European work program “ Education and training 2010” underlines that trainers and teachers are at the heart of the Lisbon agenda which aims at making the European Union the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based society of the world.

However, there is no denying that vocational training practitioners experience real mutations in their profession today, linked to very strong and rapid evolutions of the society, economy, technologic and socio-professional environment. This radical transformation of professions, characterised by the development/emergence of a big field of new and complex activities (guidance and counselling, optimising of the use of the ICT, integration of the quality processes, as well as the concepts learning organisations and valorisation of experience, contribution to the construction of individual professionalisation pathways, etc.), put forward the necessity to draw up a synthetic model of identification of the adult trainers and technical teachers' competences, that would both integrate these evolutions and the European strategic orientations in the field of lifelong training and learning.

The synthesis work the partners of the TEVAL project suggest to conduct in the framework of a common transnational approach should enable to build the bases of an objective and transparent methodological process of the practitioners' evaluation, as an evidence/proof/guaranty for quality and efficiency regarding the national vocational training systems.

The project

  1. Inventory, analysis and comparison of the existing national approaches in terms of evaluation of the adult trainers and technical teachers' evaluation
  2. In the framework of a transnational approach, development of a systemic model of identification of competences that could stand as a reflection tool and a methodological support to the implementation of an evaluation process for the technical teachers and trainers within the national vocational training systems. This model should integrate the main theoretical works conducted on this theme as well as the big European strategic orientations synthesising the expectations in terms of restructuring vocational training in the framework of the common work programme “Education and training 2010”.
  3. Validation and enrichment of the model elaborated by surveys among institutional and operational actors in the related countries.
  4. From the results of the works conducted in the framework of the TEVAL project, creation of a resource-tool destined to the actors of the adult trainers and teachers' evaluation.
  5. Dissemination of the works and results of the project (production of a communication document, creation of a website, final conference)

Target group

Professional of orientation and training


  • Synthesis study on the principles, terms and conditions of the evaluation of teachers and trainers in the different concerned countries.
  • Model for the identification of competences and the evaluation of adult trainers and technical teachers.
  • Resource-tool destined to the actors of the evaluation.

available ressources :

plaquetteHandbook of TEVAL PROJECT