Since 1984 CREDIJ covers the following activities:

Technical assistance provided for setting up of tools for:

  • Evaluating creativity skills of managers
  • Assessing and managing the skills in SMEs
  • Measuring and preventing psycho-social risk at work

Training of the Vocational Education and Training actors:

  • Training managers
  • Career advisers
  • Tutors
  • Trainers: training and certification of 200 trainers and of 15 000 scholars in the construction sector in Jordan (project 2008-2012)

Studies in 4 main domains:

  • Guidance, counseling and job-integration of young people
  • Quality evaluation of training centers
  • Assessment of competences in the Service-sector professions
  • Identification of the new competences in the Construction sector, linked to energetic efficiency
  • Analysis of skills’ evaluation in SMEs in the building sector CAPEB (2007-2009),

Counseling activities in terms of:

  • Training design and implementation
  • Production of training materials